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About Joy

Joy Gustin

“My mother taught me that women are strong, powerful, and beautiful, but we live in a world where women are rarely allowed to own these attributes.

This world makes us feel like we are not enough, like we are too much, and like we must improve every aspect of our bodies before we are allowed to be comfortable in our own skin. I’m on a mission to uncover a version of you that’s been buried by the expectations the world and life have put on you.

Through photography, I want to empower women to love their bodies and themselves. I want to leave every woman with a tangible reminder of the silly, sexy, and strong person that lives within the mild-mannered, everyday life she leads.

I want to help you be who you were made to be and renew your own sense of strength, power, and beauty.”

Joy Gustin has been a Boudoir and Glamour Photographer in the Nashville, TN area  since 2015. Her portrait studio is located in the greater Nashville area.

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