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This is my first time, I’m nervous!

Perfect! I love shooting first time clients, and a few nerves are great for the camera. I promise we’ll have a fun time and your images will turn out great!

Can I bring a friend?

Definitely! Having a friend in the room is so much fun and might help with those nerves. You two can even schedule back to back photo shoots and make it a girl’s day!

Can I bring my husband?

Sorry, no. Men aren’t allowed to watch the photo shoot, but they are more than welcome to come to the image review and purchasing session.

I don’t want my images online or to show up on your website.

No problem. I love showing off my gorgeous clients, but I’d never use pictures of you without your permission. I respect your privacy and the personal nature of these images. If you do decide to sign the model release, your identity would remain confidential. I never release the names of my clients on my website or social media.

What is the turn around time for my order?

Your image debut will happen within two weeks of your session. The average order can takes between 6 and 8 weeks from the time of your session. If you are planning these images for a special occasion, I’d recommend calling at least three months in advanced to get the photo shoot booked 8 weeks in advance of when you need your final product. This will ensure enough time for post processing, product design, and production.

What should I wear? Do you provide any wardrobe?

While I have some props on hand, I don’t provide any essential wardrobe pieces. I recommend clients bring lots of options with them. At the time of your session, we will review it all and pick and choose what we want to use for your shoot. My favorites are always bra and panty sets, garters and stockings, corsets, a cute nightgown, a lacy teddy, or even a wide necked shirt or sweater with jeans.

But your session will be all about what makes you feel stunning and amazing. If you have a dress that you know you rock or a pair of jeans that accentuate you in all the right places, bring them! If you want to bring cardigans, camis, t-shirts, or button down shirts, do it! If you’re doing this session for a special someone, maybe bring something of theirs (a shirt, tie, sweater, jeans, etc). I love looking through the pieces my client brings to find the perfect combinations.

Most of my clients like to shoot between 5-8 different looks to get a nice variety in their images.

I want to bring a prop or personal item with me to shoot with. Is that okay?

Of course! I love having personal items for props. It’s an honor to take pictures of something that means so much to you or your special someone. Some great ideas that I’ve seen before are stuffed animals, books, musical instruments, and even a mug. Some women wear sentimental pieces like the shoes they wore to their wedding or their wedding jewelry. Bring anything you want, and we’ll figure out a way to take great pictures with it.

I already have an idea for the style or theme. Can we make that happen?

Perfect! Themed shoots are so much fun. Tell me all your ideas, and we’ll figure out a way to turn them into a reality.

I love your pictures, but I don’t live in the greater Nashville area. Is there any way we can work something out?

Definitely! I love traveling, and I’m happy to schedule photo shoots anywhere. Out of town shoots might accrue additional fees for travel, room, and board. One great way to make this affordable is to get a group of friends together and host a boudoir party.

Can you do my hair and make-up?

While I love doing hair and make up, I’m better off behind the lens. But that’s why I like having professional stylists on set. You can book hair and make up stylist to accompany you on sight. Professional hair and make-up is strongly suggested for all photoshoots. A great hair and make up artist will take your images to the next level.

Do I have to take everything off?

No. Pictures will come out the best when you’re comfortable. You can be as dressed or undressed as you want.

I feel so pale do I need to get a tan to get good pictures?

I much prefer it if my client’s don’t do much tanning before the images. I would hate for you to get burnt or awkward tan lines just before the shoot, and all too often, fake tans can add an orangey tint to the skin which doesn’t look good on camera. If you do chose to get a tan before the shoot, make sure you give yourself enough time before the shoot.

Should I get a wax?

Waxing is a great option to get rid of unwanted hair. I would definitely recommend it, but please be sure to time the wax accordingly. A day or two before the shoot is best to make sure you’re still fresh and smooth, while still giving your skin time to heal.

Is there anything special I should do to prepare?

Yes! Drink lots of water the day before, get a good night’s rest, and avoid eating anything too salty. This will help make sure your skin looks fresh and beautiful. If you are going to get a tan, make sure you remove jewelry, hair ties, or anything else that will create a tan line. Look through the outfits you’re bringing and cut out any visible clothing tags. There’s nothing worse than getting a gorgeous photo of you in something sheer, and then realizing the clothing tags are marring the photo.

Where do you shoot?

My photo shoots are taken in select hotel suites or at my home studio, but if you have a suggested location or would like to shoot at your house, we can work that out.

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