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Nashville Boudoir Photography | We’re Open!!!

Hey Sexy,

I’ve been putting this off.

Silly, I know. We all knew that I’d need to give you an update at some point. But I didn’t want to be the millionth person to come into your media stream and mention these troubling times. 

I didn’t want to admit that on March 24th, when the Mayor declared a safer-at-home order in Nashville, I emailed all my upcoming clients to reschedule their sessions, and then… I closed my business.

I mean, I didn’t stop working, not entirely. I dove head first into finishing my editing queue, ordered products for outstanding client purchases, organizing and sanitizing my session space so that my next client (whenever I would see them again) could feel safe and assured that I’d taken precautions for their health. I took classes. I made plans.

I pulled out my sewing machine (which I hadn’t used in years, sadly) and went to war with it until I had enough masks to send a few to each of my siblings and keep some for myself and the husband. I waited out the first two week order, and then the extension, not having prepared (exactly) for a prolonged closure of my business.

I created a bread starter, dyed my hair, read books, baked, and binge watched some old favorites (honestly, I just lose interest in vampire diaries after Alaric’s wedding). And then I waited.

I waited and waited, and read the news, and waited. Until, finally, Joy Gustin Photography LLC could re-open!

And, Gorgeous, I am here to tell you that that day has come! We are now opening our books for sessions! I am so excited. I have missed seeing all your lovely faces and hearing all your stories. I’ve missed working with you!

It’s strange to be a small business owner in this time in history, but I am thrilled to be getting back into sessions this coming month. We want to do everything we can to make sure that the health and safety of our clients is top priority. So we are going to be staying on top of the guidelines from the government and the CDC as we move forward.

But not all changes are bad. We still have exciting things in the future here at Joy Gustin Photography! And I cannot wait to share them with you!

So, let us know what you’ve been up to during the self isolation! And I can’t wait to see you in our studio!

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