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52 Weeks of Selfies | Nashville Photographer

Hey Sexy,

Congratulations, we’ve made it! 2020 is over and 2021 has begun.  

Me excited about my vision board

And, I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to shake last year off my boots and start fresh! 

Because, if I am being honest, 2020 was a year where I wasn’t always kind to myself. I didn’t take as much care of myself as I should have. I let my inner monologue get too harsh and too critical. I didn’t do the little things that I should have to make sure that I was in a positive mental space.

So, I’m starting a new project (and I want you to start it with me). It’s a project to encourage self-love. A project meant to help you take a moment away from the kids, laundry, the unending dishes, and (especially) the unrealistic expectations, to look in the mirror and appreciate who you are.

The goal is to learn how to be kinder to ourselves. To re-learn how to love ourselves.



What is Self-Love?


1. regard for one’s own well-being and happiness


Slushies 100% make me childishly happy!

So, here we go. Let’s start the year with a little self care and forgiveness.

After a year of quarantine and pajama pants and not doing my makeup (basically ever), I’m going to be taking a selfie every week and posting it in our private all female Facebook Group (Nashville VIP Boudoir Babes). With it, I’ll be posting 3 new things that I love about myself.

52 selfies, 156 positive self-love driven thoughts.

Can you imagine how much better you’ll feel after intentionally finding 156 new things about yourself that you love? I’m going to re-commit to moving forward with positive energy because I’m worth it. And you are too!

Our Facebook Group challenge “52 Weeks of Selfies” starts today. Some weeks there will be a theme or a mission, and some weeks it’ll just be a selfie. Regardless, you’ll get to share 3 things of your own that you are loving about yourself.


If you are ready to be kinder to yourself, remember how amazing and beautiful you are, and start filling the year with a positive mental outlook, join us in this challenge!

I’ll see you there!

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