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Hey Sexy,

I know how it goes. You’ve booked your session, and you’re so excited. But you’re a busy woman, you don’t have time to wander aimlessly through the aisles of a department store, grabbing one of every item in the lingerie department in hopes that the dressing room clerk will help you with a top five countdown. You just want to know what looks best on camera.Boudoir Nashville

Well, you’ve asked, and I’m here to answer. What should you wear to your Boudoir Shoot?

Now, let’s be honest, my favorite answer here is “Whatever makes you feel like the sexiest, most alive version of yourself.” Is that a Sweater? A Teddy? A Ball gown? A set of Hogwarts House knee-high socks? Then that’s what you should wear (and why we customize every shoot based on who you are).

But, what if you don’t already know what makes you feel sexy? What if you want to go beyond your usual sexy-self, and explore an even sexier version? What if you just need a GREAT excuse to go shopping?

Well, if that’s the case, let’s explore my top 5 favorite lingerie choices for a Boudoir Shoot (no worries, we’ll touch on non-lingerie items in another post).

1. Body Suit:

Did you know, you look GREAT in a body suit? Yeah you do! Ask any boudoir photographer, Body suits are one of our most beloved wardrobe options. Why is that? They are flattering, they are form fitting, and they are comfortable.  They have all the benefits of a one-piece with all the sexiness of a bikini. And, no matter what your style (lacy, bold, or sparkling), there’s a body suit that fits your taste.

Best Boudoir Nashville



2. Corsets

Okay, maybe it’s just me, but aren’t corsets the sexiest thing out there?

I mean come on, they cinch, they shape, and they emphasize. Plus, they have history on their side. As the perfect combination of naughty and nice, you can’t go wrong with a well-fitting corset. And just like body suits, they come in an elaborate range of styles. Are you a glitter girl? Someone who likes it simple? A fan of leather and studs? There’s a corset out there for you, and it will make you look and feel like the kick-ass sexy superhero that you are.Best Boudoir Nashville


3. Matching Bra and Underwear Set

Do you know what I love about dresses? Every time I put one on, it’s a whole outfit. I don’t have to wonder if it matches. I don’t have to question if it *works*. I just throw it on and go.

I feel the same about matching bra and underwear sets. They are basically pre-built outfits that need no questioning.  They look elegant, intentional, and classy. And when you’re wearing them, so do you. Just find a matching set that speaks to you, and get it.

Best Nashville Boudoir

4. Garter Belts and Stockings

Admittedly, this option isn’t for everyone. Garter belts are a sort of novelty. They are retro, they are burlesque, they are 50 shades of impractical for work.

We all know that there are other ways to wear hosiery. But there is no other way to feel #SexyAF while wearing hosiery. Personally, I love them. But I am a fan of metaphor and theatrics. Garter belts play great on camera because they bring physical tension into a photo. And tension creates anticipation.

Besides, if you’re not going to wear a garter belt for your boudoir shoot, then when are you going to wear them?

Best nashville Boudoir

5. Sweater

Is this a surprise? I guess that’s fair. This isn’t *exactly* lingerie. How about I modify that to your favorite sweater and a pair of knee high socks? Not better?

Oh well. Doing a boudoir shoot is often like playing dress up. You come in with the sexy pieces you purchased for the shoot or that you have waiting for “just the right occasion”. You get your hair and make up done, you play dress up, and at the end of the day you feel amazing, empowered, and sexy. But when you go back home, those special items you wore *just for the shoot* get roughly the same amount of attention that they did before. They get the place of honor at the back of your drawer.

Why, then, am I suggesting you bring along your favorite sweater? Because I want you to look at your pictures and recognize the person in the photos, not just see a familiar face wearing a costume.  It’s something comfortable.  Something that will allow you to bring your Sexy Superhero self crashing into your day to day life. Something that will become your secret sexy armor.

Best of all? A sweater looks stunning with matching sets and garter belts. It’s an eye-catching mix of sexy and casual. We might be turning you into the sexiest version of yourself, but that version doesn’t have to be all dress up.

Best Boudoir Nashville


6. Nothing at all

Okay, yes, I said there would be five suggestions. But you knew this one was coming, right? You will look absolutely amazing in all the above. But you are gorgeous without anything at all.

Try being a little uncomfortable. Take that leap out of your comfort zone, and go all the way with nothing at all.Best Nashville Boudoir

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