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10 Ways to Unleash Your Sexy Superhero | Nashville Boudoir Photographer

Hey Sexy,

I don’t know about you, but this morning I rolled out of bed, threw my hair into a bun, and just had time to throw my coffee in a to-go mug before I had to sprint out the door to get going on my day. These sorts of mornings happen all too often. And every time they do, I miss being the sexy superhero I know I really am.

If you’re anything like me, you have a problem letting luxury and self care have a place in your day-to-day life.

So here are 10 ways to Unleash Your Sexy Superhero:

  1. Use that Bath Bomb you’ve been saving for a special occasion — You know that bath bomb you have tucked in a drawer in your bathroom. You got it weeks (maybe even months) ago, and thought, I’m going to save this for a special occasion. Or maybe you meant to save it for a day that you really need it. But somehow that day hasn’t come. Stop waiting for the exact right time, and make that day today! Give yourself permission to relax and treat yourself. Take a long bath, use that bath bomb, and take time for yourself.
  2. Get up 30 minutes early to do something special with your hair — Now, I’m the first one to admit that my favorite thing is hitting the snooze button for the fifth time and rolling over again for that last five minutes of sleep, but sometimes getting up early can have it’s benefits. Give yourself 30 minutes in the morning to add some extra pizzazz to your daily look. I swear the extra effort will have you loving your reflection all day, and will make people stop to say how amazing you look.
  3. Paint your Nails — I don’t know what it is about a fresh coat of nail polish, but they always make my nails look so classy! Every time I re-do my nails, I find myself smiling when my fingernails catch my eye. It’s such a simple change, but it makes my day better. So get yourself a glass of wine, bottle of nail polish remover, and your sexiest nail polish, and take the time put on a fresh coat of paint.
  4. Wear that gorgeous set of matching underwear — Sometimes living the sexy superhero life takes a little extra planning. But you know she loves it when you’re wearing matching, lacy underwear. Something about knowing how put together you look underneath your clothing adds a little kick to your step. So, take a moment to
  5. Spoil yourself with some good chocolate, a bouquet or flowers, or maybe macarons–  Really, anything that puts a smile on your face and sends a warm streak of joy through your body. You don’t need an excuse to love on yourself, you just need to do it!
  6. Or buy yourself a new bra — They say the average woman is wearing the wrong bra size anyway, so go out and get yourself something nice! Get something pretty, something comfy, or just something you like! Don’t just grab one because you have to, but get one because you want to,
  7. Make an excuse to wear your favorite pair of heels! — You don’t need to save them for date night, girls night, or church. Throw on those heels that make you feel fabulous and start binge watching Gilmore Girls with a bowl of Ice Cream. Wear them just because they make you feel sexy!
  8. Put on that item you don’t know if you can pull off— For me, it’s the peacock feather earrings. I absolutely loved them when I saw them in the store, I just had to have them, but every time I try to wear them, I think ,”Oh, these are just too much.” Until one day, I put them on and made myself keep them on. I learned that the secret to pulling something off is to try. If you never try to wear that bold and beautiful piece, you’ll never pull it off. But if you wear it out, you’ve already succeeded. Give yourself permission to be bold and eye-catching.
  9. Wear that silky nightgown to bed because you’re worth it! — Most nights I curl under the covers in flannel pants and a t-shirt, ignoring my drawer full of sexy, silky nightgowns. You don’t need to be enticing someone to be sexy in bed. You can pick out your most beautiful nightgown just because you’re worth it!
  10. Take your Partner out for a surprise date night — Or just greet them at the door in your favorite lingerie. What could make your superhero happier than a sexy surprise. Doesn’t have to be something big, just go out of your way to bring out their sexy super hero too!
  11.  Bonus: Book yourself a Boudoir Shoot! — One day I’ll tell you about my first boudoir shoot. Not as a photographer, but as the photographed. For now, let me just tell you, I’d never felt so vibrant, so beautiful, or so alive. I was nervous as hell, but it was totally worth it.

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