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Nashville Boudoir Photographer | Meet My Secret Identity

Hey Sexy,
I’ve always felt less glamorous day-to-day than I know really am. Like, somehow, there is a sexy-superhero secret identity waiting to break free of the mild-mannered alter-ego I wear every day.

Her hair is curly and slightly tousled. She wears “Better than Sex” mascara and classic Hollywood red lipstick. She has no problem going into her 8-hour work day in a pencil skirt, 3-inch heels, and her corset-shaped silhouette.

She is the me that I know I can be on a good day. The one who “just woke up like this (#NoMakeUp)” and likes to think she would get along well with Jessica Rabbit and Scarlett Johansson.

Her style is timeless, her voice is velvety, and she’ll sing “Fever” while pulling a tray of cookies out of the oven. I whip her out on date night. I use her superhero confidence during job interviews. I hunt for her super suit through the racks of Victoria’s Secret.

It’s my life’s goal to bring her out as often as possible, let her sly smile and innuendos coat my lips, let her belief that she can pull off anything make my decisions when accessory shopping, and let her self-love and self-care rule my workout and diet schedule when I’m too lazy to want to take care of myself.

She’s better to me, better for me, than my every day, mild-mannered cover identity is.

If I had to guess, I’d say you know the girl I’m talking about. You have a sexy super hero identity of your own, and you know you’d be better off giving her the reigns every so often.

That’s why I do Boudoir Photography. I see the sexy superhero hidden beneath your mild-mannered self, and I want her to come out and play.

I want to take pictures of her, and to capture her in a way that’s permanent and lasting. Give her to you in a photograph or album so that when you feel like your every-day self has smothered her, you can pull out your pictures and give yourself permission to feel oh, so sexy all over again.

Always XOXO,


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