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Nashville Boudoir Photography | How do I empower women?

Best Boudoir Photographer in NashvilleHey Sexy,

I was talking to a friend the other day about this running joke my husband and I have.

The joke is that he never met anyone who could talk a woman out of their clothes as quickly as I could. Bonus points, because it’s usually a stranger, wanting to step in front of my camera so that I can put their images online.

Yes, strangers offering to get scandalous for my website.

We started joking about this one summer after I started doing boudoir photography. He was traveling for work and, invariable, as soon as he was out of town, I’d find myself in a new group of people, talking excitedly about my passion for using Boudoir to help unleash a person’s sexy superhero side.

Every time, a woman I had just met said something like, “That’s amazing! Do you need more images for your website? I’d love to do a shoot for you!”

It never really surprises me when someone reacts to my job that way. To be honest, I’d say the same thing. But my friend looked at me with surprise in her eyes and asked, “Why would they do that?”

It took me an minute to form my response. I firmly believe that every Top Boudoir Photographer in Nashville, TNwoman needs some form of a sexy photo shoot in her life, and, most of the time, when a stranger wants to be added to my portfolio, that need is driving them to make the offer. They know immediately that a Boudoir shoot is for them.

But to my friend, that didn’t make sense. It made me think of the times that I tell people I’m a boudoir photographer, and they don’t know what that means.

I can’t just tell them that I take sexy pictures of women. People don’t realize how much more there is to a Boudoir Photo shoot.

They don’t know that my job is about empowering women, about helping them see the most beautiful side of themselves.

I offer up the opportunity to put aside your to do lists and responsibilities and give you the space to revive the version of yourself that you dream about.

Some women immediately know that’s what I’m offering. And when they do, they want it.

The best way to tell you about my job, is to tell you about my clients. So, I made a video to do just that!

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